How exactly can I fill up my bonus account?

You can earn up to €75 credit for your bonus account by inviting friends and leaving reviews. Here’s how you can earn credits:

Leave reviews...

  • €3:      for the first review you leave about a guest, host or accommodation
  • €3:      for the first recommendation you leave for a guest or host

Invite friends via Facebook or web link...

  • €20:   for every friend you invited who completes a booking (booking value without fees above 100€)
  • €10:   for every friend you’ve invited who lists their place (and has hosted their first guest, booking value without fees above 100€)

Plus a present for your friend...

  • €10:  to your friend when they sign up to 9flats through your Facebook or web link invitation

Tip: start inviting your friends now so can watch the credit in your bonus account add up, and then spend it one or two free night's accommodation, courtesy of us!

Note: credits can only be used for two months and for a booking value of €100 or more. we reserve the right to remove credits in the event of fraud.

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