What is a review?

Reviews are a combination of star ratings and personal comments that show how satisfied guests were with an accommodation, and whether the host or guest left a good impression. They’re key to establishing trust and credibility on 9flats.com.

There are two types of reviews:

  1. Accommodation reviews: It is possible to provide a review respectively with stars on places in the five categories cleanliness, location, exact description, furnishings and price/quality. On a scale of 1 to 5 five stars amounts to a very good review and one star is bad. 
  2. Guest/host reviews: a guest can give their view on a host, and vice versa. These are text-only reviews, without star ratings in different categories.

Reviews can only be left after a completed trip. However, you can leave recommendations for friends at any time to boost their credibility – especially useful to help new hosts get their first bookings.

Tip: you get €3 when you leave your first review or recommendation.

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