Can I filter my search results?

Yes, we do have plenty of filter options. You can filter e.g. for price per night, place type or amenities. 

  1. Price (per night):
    choose your ‘from’ and ‘to’ price per night, between €0 to €150 + and you’ll only be shown places within this price range.
  2. Space offered:
    click ‘Entire place’ if you want the whole place to yourself. 'Private room' means that you’ll share the property with your hosts, but will have your own room. In a 'Shared room' you’ll stay in a room with your host.
  3. Place type:
    want to stay once in a barn? Then go for it! Choose 'Barn/Farmhouse' or one of eleven other types of accommodation, such as ‘Bed and breakfast', 'Boat' or even 'Castle'.
  4. Map:
    Are you looking for a place in a specific district, close to a square or in a specific street? Then our map on the top right next to the search results can help. Click on the map in order to enlarge it and gain a better overview. 
    Tip: By zooming in or out within the map you can respective restrict or expand the search area.

Hint: To remove a filter, just click on it again. Or you can clear them all by clicking ‘Reset all filters’.



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