How do I take great pictures?

Here are some tips to make sure your place looks its best:

  • Like an actor getting their hair and make-up done, prepare your room to look the best it can by cleaning it and removing clutter.

  • Show it in a good light: Unless you have professional lighting equipment, natural daylight is the best light you can use for your interior. Morning or afternoon is best. If there’s bright light flooding in, this creates shadows and too much contrast, so avoid is possible. No photos at night using a flash! The flash bounces off shiny surfaces and is distracting.

  • Show every room: Show your guests exactly what to expect by adding photos of each bedroom, your bathroom, kitchen, balcony and even the staircase and the street outside.

  • You could simply stand in the doorway and take a shot and move to the next room. Or you could assess your room and work out what elements would be interesting to viewers. To help your photos stand out, take shots from different angles, get down on the floor to take a shot of the intricate plaster mouldings on your ceiling. Stand on a (stable) chair to show off your hardwood floors.

  • Show your special ‘extras’: The little details help show a guest just how homely, stylish and comfortable your place is: a glimpse outside the window, a fireplace, a painting, breakfast, your cat, even your welcome gift.



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