How do I work out a fair price for my property?

Do some research into what prices others are charging in your area. When you first list your place, we recommend starting a little lower than those around you, to attract your first guests. After a few positive reviews, you can gradually increase the price.

It is your decision how much you want to earn per night and per guest and subsequently you determine the payout you want to receive.

From the total sum of the booking that the guest pays we will deduct a commission of 12% or 15%. The amount of the commission is dependent on the booking model. (For instant bookable places the commission is just 12%.)

To amend your prices, go to your profile and go to Hosting, and then Prices.

Did you know? You can set different prices for:

  • Weekends
  • Seasons and events
  • Longer stays (more than 7 and 28 days)

You can add a small fee for cleaning. If the guests cancels, this fee will be refunded. You can also charge for extra guests and even add a discount for children.



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