How can I get more bookings?

Every host wants a lot bookings, but what’s the secret of success?

  1. Price: Firstly, test the price for your property. You might need to start low and then increase your price when you have a few good reviews
  2. Personal profile: Make sure your personal profile is complete, you’ve added great photos, a nice description and you get great reviews.
  3. Photographs: Your photos can make or break a booking. So it’s really important they look good. Make sure they’re well-lit, clear, high quality pictures, showing every room. It’s also important to add a profile picture.
  4. Calendar: Guests spend a lot of time finding the perfect place and are disappointed when it's not available. Make sure your calendar is always up-to-date, and you keep your guests happy and increase your 9flats ranking.
  5. Accept a booking request fast: Be quick. Guests can book up to three places, so another host might accept it first.

Here are our 9 top tips for success.

You can also post your property page on Facebook, Twitter and blogs or share or the link directly with friends and family. If you’re not getting bookings and you’re not sure why, contact us for a consultation.


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