What is ‘instant booking’?

A fast booking process where guests can book your place instantly, without having to wait for you to accept their request. When you activate instant booking, we’ll add an ‘Instant booking’ label and button to your listing(s) and you’ll get a confirmation email/text from us when your place is booked. Read here how to become an instant booking host.


Please note: After "INSTANT BOOKING" is active everyone could book all of your flats automatically and you will just get a booking confirmation via email after the booking. You have NO CHANCE anymore TO DECLINE a booking if the calendar shows availability. Your CALENDAR and PRICES have to be ALWAYS UP TO DATE. Please be aware: Some of our guests are booking far in advance (i.ex. next year).

If it comes to a cancellation, you have follow the following IMPORTANT RULES:

  • Please immediately contact your guest and inform him of the reason for your cancellation.
  • Offer your guest an adequate solution.

Should your guest not agree to the alternative or you are not able to offer one then following terms apply:

  • Your guest is entitled to an accommodation on 9flats/a hotel room in the same price category.
  • If the accommodation/the hotel cost more than the original 9flats booking then the guest can possibly claim these costs from you.

For every cancellation we will collect a handling charge.

Further information on host cancellations could be found here:


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