Why sign up with 9flats?

To earn money and be part of something amazing! And here are some more reasons:

  • More guests: 9flats is a well-known brand that attracts many thousands of travellers to our site every day. So you can be sure we’ll send lots of guests your way.
  • More functionality: You can list your place with a long list of amenities (like balcony, WiFi and garden) so you’ll show up in lots of searches. You can also fix different prices for different dates, as well as discounts for children and longer stays.
  • More safety: We offer completely secure, online payment. Every booking is paid for online (no cash), before the guest travels.
  • More press: We’ve been covered in major publications all over the world, like The Guardian, the Financial Times, Die Zeit and Le Figaro. See our press here.
  • More advertising: We’re always working on building the 9flats brand, and promoting your places, for example our TV ad and weekly guest newsletter which highlights our favourite 9flats hosts.
  • More freedom: You are in full control of who stays with you. You are the one who decides whether to accept or decline a booking request.
  • More tips: We help you get more bookings with helpful blog posts, our monthly host newsletter and factsheets (for example 9tips for success), blog articles und a host newsletter.
  • More service: We work hard on offering the best customer service you’ll find anywhere. Our friendly customer service team can answer your questions in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.
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