How can I make sure my user account stays safe?

We take security very seriously, and it's a matter of importance to protect us and our users from fraudulent activities. In extremely rare cases, fraudsters try to use our platform to gain access to the login data of user accounts by sending malicious links to private email addresses.

To counteract attempts of fraudulent activities and to make sure that your user account remains "clean", it is important that you heed our advise:

  1. Never communicate outside the 9flats messaging system (via email, Skype, Facebook, etc.) when you are prompted. The privacy of all users 9flats must be protected, that’s why we have set up the internal messaging system. Report suspicious messages to
  2. If you have communicated with people on your private email address outside 9flats, especially if you clicked on a link in one of these emails, for security reasons we advise you to change your 9flats and your email password immediately.
  3. If you book a place on 9flats, we will never ever ask you to make payments outside the 9flats system! As a guest you give your credit card or bank details in your user account on our homepage. The host receives his money 24 hours after check in of the guest. This way, both the guest and the hosts are protected against fraud.


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