What should I do if someone asks me to pay outside the 9flats System ?

9flats offers a secure payment system and if a problem ocurres you can contact us directly.
We make sure your money is safe and we pay out only one business day after check-in to your host.
This means that you should never conduct business outside the safe 9flats system.

We caution against sending money to people you do not know.

Please do not leave the system. Contact, information sharing, communication and payment should always run on this system. Please do not conduct business from outside. We caution you to send money via Western Union, Money Gram, Cheque, Money Order or Liberty Reserve to a person you do not know.

In case that someone asks you about exchanging contact details to transfer money outside of the secure system of 9flats, you get a phishing email, please contact us directly: support@9flats.com or call us via the service hotline and report the person.

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