How do I make a special offer?

The only way to make an special offer for a certain period for your guest, is to change the price in your calendar:

  • Please go to the settings of your calendar and mark requested period (a small window opens). Alternatively you could also click on the first day, then a small window will open and you could enter the period manually.
  • Please insert the prices in this window, you want to offer to the guest PLEASE BE AWARE: you always have to set up a DAILY PRICE.
  • In the calendar you have to setup the Price the guest has to pay. Please set up there what you want to get plus our commission.

Please also keep this things in mind what ever you set up in your calendar, it will not effect the following settings in the prices section:

  • Surcharge for extra guest (will still be added)
  • Discount for 7 nights and longer (will still be deducted)
  • Discount for 28 nights and longer (will still be deducted)


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